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As New Braunfels termite exterminators we know termites. We offer termite treatments, termite inspections, and plans to protect your home from termites.

A colony of termites can consist of a few hundred or in some species several million. Did you know the queens have the longest life span of any insect?? Some have been recorded living up to 30 and 50 years! In young colonies the queen can lay between 10-20 eggs, but in more established colonies she can lay as many as 1000 eggs per day! Termites feed on dead leaf materials and cellulose (wood, leaf litter, soil, and animal dung). Since termites stay active year round, it is important to have a prevention plan in place. Fall and winter months are best to begin placing bait stations outside your home or business since termites stay closer to home during these colder months, making it easier for them to find the bait. Call 830 560-6960 and let Camo Pest Control protect your home. Click HERE to see an active colony.

Termite Swarmers

During early spring into late summer, and most often after a rain event, termites send out their swarmers, also known as alates. They don’t sting or even eat wood. Their main goal is to reproduce and sustain the colony. This normally occurs once per year, typically after the colony has been established for at least 3 years. If you notice this type of event inside your home or business, you can be sure you have some level of infestation. Please call Camo Pest Control at (830) 560-6960 and we can help you take back your home or business. 

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Scorpion mating season begins in spring lasting into the early fall months. A few months later, the female will give birth to 20-100 scorplings. Scorpions are live bearers - no eggs. The scorplings will travel on moms back until her first molt (7-30 days). Scorpions feed on crickets and roaches. They can even survive on water alone for several months. Camo Pest Control has a targeted scorpion control plan using specific products and application. Give us a call today @ (830) 560-6960. Click HERE to see a scorpion and her scorplings!


As many people already know, cockroaches carry diseases, germs, and bacteria. An infestation can also trigger allergies and asthma in certain individuals. Since roaches can run up to 3 miles per hour, they can spread those germs pretty quick. They are omnivorous and opportunistic feeders. That means they can eat basically anything, but are especially fond of fermenting foods. Roaches normally live in moist environments, but can survive anywhere with water. These insects and their egg sacks can easily be hidden out of sight. Adult roaches can live a little over a year and during that time the female can produce approximately 150 babies. Did you know some species can also fly? Call Camo Pest Control @ (830) 560-6960 so can protect your home before they fly into your home.

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Black Widow extermination in New Braunfels

The Black Widow and Brown Recluse are the two most venomous spiders in Texas. They can be found indoors and outdoors.

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Mosquitoes carry diseases such as malaria, yellow fever, dengue, encephalitis, chikungunya, West Nile virus, and zika. They can also transmit heartworms to your dogs.

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Fire Ants

Fire ants are not only annoying pests to have in your yard, they can also invade your home or business. In Texas, we experience some pretty hot temperatures which most often time leads to droughts, or the extreme opposite effect of flooding rains. Both of these conditions will bring fire ants into your home or business in search of food, water, and nesting sites. Call (830) 560-6960 to schedule a visit.

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Rodents/Rodent Damage

Sometimes you don’t realize you have a rat or mouse infestation until you see them running across the floor. Most common signs are:

  1. Droppings found around food pantries, in drawers, and under the sink,
  2. Nesting materials which can be made up from shredded paper or plant material,
  3. chew marks on food, walls, or floors,
  4. odd odors.

However, the damage may be more severe. Rodents are also known to destroy electrical wires, chew through a/c ducts and insulation. Also enter your vehicle to cause chew damage as well. If that wasn’t enough to make your skin crawl, they are often known to carry diseases (Hantavirus, Leptospirosis, Lymphocytic, Choriomeningitis, Tularemia, Salmonella). Visit with a professional exterminator at Camo Pest Control to get your rodent worries put to rest at
(830) 560-6960.

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Do you smell something bad outside? Did your pet come home with an overwhelming stench? You may have a skunk on your property. Besides the obvious clue of a smelly skunk, they also are known to destroy your lawns, flower beds, gardens, and burrow under your home. They are known to leave distinctive 3-4 inch holes in their search for grubs (also enjoy corn fresh off the stalk). However, you may not see the skunk since they come out at night because they have light sensitive eyes. Skunks are most active in the spring time. Beware, they can carry disease and may bite if trapped. Let Camo Pest Control take the stink out of your home by calling us today (830) 560-6960. Click HERE to see the hazards skunks can cause digging in your yard

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Relocation of Armadillo in New Braunfels


The nine banded armadillo can be extremely destructive to flower beds, lawns, gardens, and can even cause structural damage to buildings and driveways. They are known to dig several holes during their search for food, which include earthworms, scorpions, spiders, and other invertebrates. Armadillos are attracted to well-maintained lawns with rich, moist soil since its main food source thrives in this environment. Call (830) 560-6960 to see how Camo Pest Control can help safely relocate these critters.

Honey Bees

Honey bees build wax comb nests where they raise their young and store food. Sometimes they can build these nests inside your home or in your yard. This can become a dangerous situation for you and your family. Call (830) 560-6960. Camo Pest Control works closely with professional bee removal specialists that will safely relocate the colony. We appreciate the irreplaceable benefits these bees contribute to our environment. Click HERE to see the live nest

Relocation of Bees in New Braunfels

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