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As New Braunfels termite exterminators we know termites. We offer termite treatments, inspections, and plans to protect your home from them.

A colony of termites can consist of a few hundred or in some species several million. Did you know the queens have the longest life span of any insect?? Some have been recorded living up to 30 and 50 years! In young colonies the queen can lay between 10-20 eggs, but in more established colonies she can lay as many as 1000 eggs per day!

Termites feed on dead leaf materials and cellulose (wood, leaf litter, soil, and animal dung). Since they stay active year round, it is important to have a prevention plan in place. Fall and winter months are best to begin placing bait stations outside your home or business since these wood-eating creatures stay closer to home during these colder months, making it easier for them to find the bait.

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Click HERE to see an active termite colony video.