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Pre-Contruction Termite Control

Termites (pre-construction and post construction)Since termites stay active year round, it’s important to have a protection plan in place. New home construction? Protect your investment from wood destroying pests. Call for your free estimate for our pest control services today @ 830-560-6960. Full ServiceWe want our pest control services to help you feel safe and […]


Raccoons Raccoons

Honey Bees

Honey Bees Honey bees build wax comb nests where they raise their young and store food. Sometimes they can build these nests inside your home or in your yard. This can become a dangerous situation for you and your family. Call (830) 560-6960. Camo Pest Control works closely with professional bee removal specialists that will safely relocate the […]


Armadillos Armadillos The nine banded armadillo can be extremely destructive to flower beds, lawns, gardens, and can even cause structural damage to buildings and driveways. They are known to dig several holes during their search for food, which include earthworms, scorpions, spiders, and other invertebrates. Armadillos are attracted to well-maintained lawns with rich, moist soil since […]


Skunks Do you smell something bad outside? Did your pet come home with an overwhelming stench? You may have a skunk on your property. Besides the obvious clue of a smelly skunk, they also are known to destroy your lawns, flower beds, gardens, and burrow under your home. They are known to leave distinctive 3-4 inch holes in […]

Rodent Removal

Rodent Removal Wildlife and rodents in and around a home and on your property can be frustrating and costly. Rodents can pose health risks, damage your property, injure pets and just be too close for comfort. At Camo Pest Control, we offer professional wildlife removal services for raccoons, armadillos, opossums, skunks, and more. Our family-owned […]

Rodent Damage

Rodents/Rodent Damage Sometimes you don’t realize you have a rat or mouse infestation until you see them running across the floor. Most common signs are: However, the damage may be more severe. Rodents are also known to destroy electrical wires, chew through a/c ducts and insulation. Also enter your vehicle to cause chew damage as well. […]