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Category: Stinging Insects

Yellow Jackets

Yellow Jackets Yellow Jackets are predatory wasps. They have lance-like stingers with small barbs, and typically sting repeatedly, though occasionally a stinger becomes lodged and pulls free of the wasp’s body; the venom, like most bee and wasp venoms, is primarily dangerous to only those humans who are allergic or are stung many times. In the southeastern United States, where southern yellowjacket nests may persist through the winter, colony sizes of this species may reach 100,000 adult wasps. If you need help with yellow jacket pest control, call (830) 560-6960 to schedule an appointment.


Wasps Wasps

Honey Bees

Honey Bees Honey bees build wax comb nests where they raise their young and store food. Sometimes they can build these nests inside your home or in your yard. This can become a dangerous situation for you and your family. Call (830) 560-6960. Camo Pest Control works closely with professional bee removal specialists that will safely relocate the colony. We appreciate the irreplaceable benefits these bees contribute to our environment. Click HERE to see the live nest Camo Pest Control has a targeted bee control plan using specific removal techniques. Give us a call today @ (830) 560-6960.